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New systems for mapping incorporate graphics engines into the mapping software, so instead of making a detailed map of an object, then creating content, it can be done in one step! Projection mapping is now simpler to produce but still has the impact if used creatively. Alan has some interesting ideas to show you.

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Below is the video Transcription

I’d like to talk to you briefly about next-gen projection mapping technology. Project mapping gives us the ability to turn non-standard objects like buildings, cars, set pieces, and me, into display surfaces for projection.

This provides unique visual opportunities for your meetings and events. We can create interesting and stimulating displays, often given an augmented reality-like experience to the audience.

Abstract animations can also be created on site, for maximum impact at minimum cost. Mapping software allows us to project your content anywhere on any surface. Images can be manipulated to look perfect on any object. It’s about precision projection and the result is stimulating visuals that engage the audience.

If you have questions or suggestions, let us know.


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