Moving on to Hybrid Events

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On November 23, 2020, Steve Halling spoke at the MPI New England Educational Institute. Here is a shortened version of his presentation.

“So there is no more normal. We know that, right? I still hear it, however. Like “When things returned to normal, everything will be fine.” I don’t believe there is a normal that we will recognize. I believe normal will be redefined every two to three months as we move forward into recovery. Frankly, It’s probably going to be two to three years before we see anything resembling the normal we remember.

I don’t think anybody can really imagine live events without a virtual component. So it’s not going to be like it was. It’s going to be something new. But that’s good. What we’ve learned through this pandemic from an event standpoint is very powerful. It can help us extend our reach to broader audiences and still have that face-to-face event component that may return in the next five or six months.”

The full version of this presentation is also available on this site.

Don’t be stuck in the past. Think about the future.


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