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Simple Illumination to Full Transformation

Lighting systems are one of the most powerful components of the audio visual equipment tool box. Great lighting design is all about directing attention and creating an emotional response, which should be an integral component of any AV staging. Light creates the environment and the right lighting package can mean the difference between a mediocre event and memorable one. At its best, lighting is virtually invisible. At its worst, poor lighting calls attention to itself and nothing on stage ever seems quite right.

Lighting Equipment for a Simple Meeting to an Elaborate Special Event

AVFX Boston provides lighting equipment for everything from a simple meeting, to an elaborate special event, to an intricate trade show exhibit. We first listen to what you want to accomplish, consider constraints of the venue, and then develop a design and rigging plot that fits your event. Often, simple ground supported lighting with spots and color washes work fine. Other times, more complex truss and rigging with robotic Vari-Lites may be needed to create the mood or enhance the energy of the event (see video).

The key to success is planning. AVFX works closely with our clients and their project teams to develop lighting and rigging plots with VectorWorks so that every detail can be determined in advance. Our lighting designers and work with the venue to ensure that power and rigging are in precise order. Our goal is to make lighting, whether simple or complex, perfect for your event.

The Future of Lighting

Lighting Systems AVFX

AVFX believes LED’s and automation are the future of great lighting for meetings, exhibits and special events. LED’s provide bright, energy-efficient lighting with low heat so it can be used in very small spaces.

We own a large inventory of Philips LED lighting instruments, and plan to continue to build our inventory as new, more powerful systems become available.

Our goal is to carry a highly flexible inventory of lighting equipment to meet the needs of nearly any size trade show booth or event.

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