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On March 1st in Kresge Auditorium at MIT there was an official  launch of the MIT Intelligence Quest (The Quest).

The goal of the event was to convene MIT faculty, alumni, students, and friends to talk about their work in human and machine intelligence research, its applications, and its bearing on society, and to show how MIT is primed to take the next breakthrough step in advancing the science and applications of intelligence.

The Quest will address two fundamental challenges:

  1. How does human intelligence work, in engineering terms?
  2. How can we use that deep grasp of human intelligence to build wiser and more useful machines, to the benefit of society?

Video by Eric Keezer – MIT

As MIT seeks those answers, the various departments will also develop customized AI tools for non-AI researchers, which could accelerate progress in virtually every field and eventually spin off technological tools that can positively influence virtually every aspect of society.

MIT sees an opportunity to achieve a deeper understanding of intelligence through the kind of basic research that leads to unexpected breakthroughs. They aspire for new knowledge and newly built tools to serve the public good, in the US and around the world.

AVFX has supported MIT events for years and worked closely with Ted Johnson, the MIT School of Engineering, and the MIT Resource Development Communications Group to create an event which reflected the prestige of the speakers and the sophistication of their presentations.

AVFX technicians provided full audio, video projection, and constructed the Atomic Scenic backdrop. The AVFX Lighting Group developed a lighting plan utilizing both front and rear lighting effects on the scenic elements. Color selection was inspired by the event color palette.

Lighting equipment included Philips 300 FX Showline series fixture for the patterns on the ceiling and LED strip lighting, and 3 Nitro-C’s for house lighting.

Special thanks to MIT for this historic opportunity.

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