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Freelance to Full-Time — Leo Wilkens Joins AVFX

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Leo and Jim Wilkens

We’re pleased to announce that Leo Wilkens has been promoted to a full-time Warehouse Technician.  Leo was a tremendous help freelancing with us in the Spring, and we’re excited to have him move up to full-time now.

Leo also happens to be the son of long-time employee Jim Wilkens. We feel that Leo will be a great asset to the company so let’s welcome him to the AVFX team.

What appealed to you about joining AVFX?

“My father has had a long career at AVFX, and I’ve seen how the company respects his contributions. He is currently the Lead Audio Engineer.

A college degree isn’t necessary. I don’t have a college degree yet, and AVFX doesn’t require one. At the same time, I’m a nerd, and AVFX is the kind of place where we are encouraged to learn new skills and try out new technologies. Management is aware of our interests and gives us room to grow.

The technicians at AVFX care about their work and strive for perfection. They seem to challenge each other to find the best solutions and then share what they’ve discovered.

AVFX is the opposite of a dead-end job.”
~Leo Wilkens

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