Camden Conference 2017

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The 30th Annual 2017 Camden Conference —“Refugees and Global Migration: Humanity’s Crisis” — featured speakers chosen for their firsthand knowledge and strong views on migrant and refugee issues and was presented in the Camden Opera House.

Layla Mohamed

The speakers explored the various causes of the current international crisis and the unique challenges that come with accepting immigrants from particular countries, regions, and demographic groups. Speakers also examined the political, economic, and social consequences of population flight for the countries they have fled in the Middle East, Africa, and Central America. Going beyond the present crisis, conference speakers examined the factors that will likely drive migration in the coming decades—from dramatic demographic shifts to climate change, natural disasters, and ethnic, territorial, and political conflicts. And, turning the spotlight in our direction, there were discussions of the role that should be played by the United States, a country built by immigrants.

AVFX Video Techs Behind the Projection Screen

Again this year AVFX Boston supplied comprehensive audio visual services and was directed by Jim Ruddy. He has managed the production of the conference for many years and we always feel honored to support his efforts.

Special thanks to Lindsay Heald Photography for the photos and especially the Camden Conference for selecting AVFX.


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