AVFX Mascot — Annual Tape Ball Weigh-In

cecil dorman Event Production, Trade Shows

Trevor Girard’s guess was closest and won this trophy.

When a large project is ready to ship, we affix a strip of brightly colored tape to each AV equipment case, so they can be identified at a glance. We ensure that all shipments are labeled with the details needed to get to the show and our simple color-coding scheme speeds the process on our loading dock.

When the case returns from a show we take one strip of tape from that shipment and attach it to the ball. Over eight years the ball grew to an impressive size and at the end of 2016 the ball weighed 442 lbs.

Here’s where the mascot comes in.
When it’s time for our mascot’s annual physical, we always roll it onto the scale. Everyone gathers and posts a guess on the total weight. This year’s winner got bragging rights and an engraved trophy to keep until next year’s weigh-in. We love the Tape Ball because it reminds us where we’ve traveled over the past year.

This year our mascot gained quite a few pounds and tipped the scale at 521 lbs*.

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