Tom Peckham

Managing Director

Tom has over 30 years experience in audio visual staging. In his role as General Manager of AVFX, Tom oversees all company operations and is directly involved in a large number of client projects. Tom has served as technical director for many highly visible productions in the U.S. and internationally.

Tom’s interest in the audiovisual industry began while he was studying at Rochester Institute of Technology. As a member of the Association of Multi-Image, Tom volunteered on local and national competitions. That involvement led to video walls which has become a major strength of the firm.

Tom is incredibly detail oriented and has developed numerous best-practices and quality standards for AVFX. His guidance has resulted in national recognition for AVFX as a tier-one A/V staging firm.

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Tom's Personal Passion

With my daughter Paige at Fenway Park.

Formula 1 Tifosi



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