AV Over IT Cost-Saving Solutions

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By utilizing existing IT infrastructure, AV over IT can result in cost savings. It eliminates the need for dedicated AV cabling, simplifies installation and maintenance processes, and leverages economies of scale associated with IT network equipment.

Examples of AV over IT solutions include live event video support, digital signage networks, streaming media applications, and audiovisual distribution and archive systems. These solutions leverage network protocols and technologies to transmit AV signals in real-time or on demand, enabling collaboration, communication, and multimedia experiences across various industries and sectors.

It’s important to note that implementing AV over IT requires proper network planning, bandwidth considerations, quality of service (QoS) settings, and security measures to ensure reliable and secure transmission of AV content over the network.

AVFX has combined years of sophisticated audio visual experience with leading-edge I.T. best practices to deliver unique services to our clients.

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