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Webcasting and Video Streaming Services

Leveraging, not replacing face-to-face engagements, is the dominant trend in hybrid meetings. Event producers and meeting planners have seen an explosion of new technology to share content with remote audiences. Webcasting is by far the most popular and effective approach and AVFX is positioned to deliver excellent video quality.

AVFX is a technology company that specializes in providing all of the services needed to execute your event. Over the past three years, we have invested heavily in our video production and broadcast technologies in order to offer a range of services specifically for the purpose of webcasting live events around the country, or around the world. Below is a summary of these services.

Video ProductionCamera man3
On-site video production to capture the event with HD studio cameras and switcher packages are at the center of AVFX’s capabilities. We have been providing these services to clients for decades, either for recording purposes, or for transmission via satellite or the web. We offer several package options that can be matched to the complexity of your live event. See our Multi-Camera Video Production page for more information.


Encoding / Uplink
For the more common webcast events, AVFX can provide the technology and talent to perform the encoding and uplink. Larger events, or more critical events, might warrant bringing in specialized equipment and personnel to accomodate multiple simultaneous streams for geographies and/or language translations.

Streaming Services
AVFX does not provide webcast services directly. We will either coordinate with a service provider you already have in place, or we can offer you services through our contracted service provider, LiveStream. You can read more at www.livestream.com/.

EMK screenDownlink / Viewing
On the viewer side, there are several options for how people find and view the content. The basic AVFX plan used with LiveStream allows us to use our “channel” on the service to host the webcast. That page can be branded to your company and/or your event if desired.

Management of a webcast includes two primary tasks – security and measurement. Security options are driven by the webcast service provider, so AVFX works with the provider to ensure the proper level of security is in place. For measurement, we will work with the data provided to present a simple picture of the metrics you are seeking to measure against.

To share your needs and learn more about our capabilities, please contact us today.

PLEASE NOTE: Webcasting is different from web conferencing. Webcasting takes a single source, distributes it to many viewers simultaneously and is not typically interactive. Web conferencing is designed for multiple users to interact at the same time.