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Leveraging, not replacing face-to-face engagements, is the dominant trend in hybrid meetings using high-quality webcasting services. Event producers and meeting planners have seen an explosion of new technologies to share content with remote audiences. Webcasting services and video streaming are by far the most popular and effective approaches and AVFX is positioned to deliver excellent video quality.

AVFX is a Boston AV technology company that specializes in providing all of the services needed to execute your event. Over the past few years, we have invested heavily in our video production and broadcast technologies in order to offer a range of services specifically for the purpose of webcasting live events around the world.

Video Production

event webcasting

The most critical aspect of webcasting or any recording of video at an event is the video production values. Even a modest webcast from a gymnasium can look like broadcast television with the proper audio, video and lighting.

On-site video production to capture your event with HD studio cameras and switcher packages are at the center of AVFX’s capabilities. We have been providing these services to clients for decades, either for documentary recording purposes, or for transmission via satellite or website use. We offer several package options that can be matched to the complexity of your live event.

See our Broadcast & Production Packages for more information.

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