WBUR Boston's COGNOSCENTI Launch Party, was like the opinion page on steroids.

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Boston is a city of thinkers. Of innovators. Of opinion makers and thought leaders. The intellectual capital of the country. When ‘BUR thinkers get together you get smart fun.

When Boston audiovisual, catering, location and other vendors come together to support an institution they believe in, the result can be striking.

Cognoscenti: WBUR is tapping into this extraordinary community — gathering a distinguished group of contributors who will share their best ideas and most insightful perspectives on Cognoscenti, their new ideas and opinion page. Cognoscenti is the opinion page on steroids.

WBUR staff event planners deserve a lot of credit for pulling together a team of the best special event vendors in Boston and letting them go. AVFX is comfortable with this kind of relationship because of their PartnerVendor approach. AVFX has supported WBUR in Boston for many years as a donor and as the audiovisual staging firm for WBUR’s premier special events.

The launch party was held at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge, MA.

Go to the WBUR site and share your opinions.

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