Virtual Radiology Suite — Use Seamless Video Walls to Create the Environment

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NELCO cinder block walls

Showing the room built from the concrete blocks out.

Giving a tour of the finished radiology suite.

Giving a tour of the finished radiology suite.

NELCO Billboard

NELCO brand messaging as a billboard to grab attention.

Ultra high definition photography engages the audience.

Nelco Booth at the ASTRO Annual Meeting.

Clients need a way to tell a story or demo a product without transporting their prospective clients to their offices or large pieces equipment to the trade show. AVFX Boston creates the environment by building two seamless walls (totaling 32 seamless video monitors) with a video projection ceiling to highlight the NELCO process of design, construction and installation of all radiation protection products for optimal shielding protection.

Virtual environments are not intended to replace physical events and interactions, but they can be much less expensive AND very engaging for the audience. Instead of replacing fase-to-face interaction, virtual environments are seen as extensions and enhancements to these physical events and environments by reaching a wider audience and increasing lead generation while decreasing costs.

Vector5 Collaborative and AVFX joined forces to create a Virtual Radiology Suite in the NELCO tradeshow booth at the ASTRO Annual Meeting. The display is a simulated radiology suite comprised of two adjoining 16 screen walls.

ASTROAmerican Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) is an association of radiation oncologists and other related healthcare professionals making it the largest radiation oncology organization of its kind.

NELCO—An engineering, design, construction and professional services firm operating at the forefront of radiation shielding technology. NELCO worked with Vector5 and AVFX to create this virtual theatre.

Vector 5 Collaborative—A full-service exhibit builder with two decades of experience designing and fabricating award-winning trade show booths. In addition to booth design, Vector5 has retail design and point-of-sale experience as well. Their detail-oriented and passionate approach to graphic and exhibit design has established them as one of the best in the business.

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