Our First Virtual Event Quiz Show Was a Great Success

cecil dorman All Stories, Virtual Production

Quiz Show Stage

L to R: Cristine, Amy, Phoebe, Jessica (AE), Jack, Nick, and Steve (AVFX)

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to our first virtual events quiz show.

We held a live event in our studios to help answer some of the many questions we receive from our clients. We designed the stage so that the contestants respected the social distancing guidelines of 6 feet separation. They were all wearing masks until the broadcast went live.

We co-hosted the game show with AE Events to include the valuable planner perspective on this ‘new normal’ reality for virtual events.

75+ questions were submitted by the audience when they registered and during the event. The questions have been answered in a comprehensive FAQ document.

If you would like to receive the Q&A document click here and let us know.


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