Introduction to Virtual Events

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Virtual Event Broadcast from Studio AVFX.

With live events on hold, everyone is looking for viable alternatives to replace them.  Virtual events, or webcasts, are being touted as the best replacement today, considering the restrictions we are living with right now.  And they may be a good tool for you to use.  The question is – will a virtual event work for your organization?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer.  Virtual events can be as simple as a single webcast feed from one location to many viewers, which can be viewed through a livestream host or through a link to your internet or intranet site.  They can also be very complex, where you need to have all viewers “attend” a general session followed by a variety of breakout sessions, and maybe even a virtual exhibit hall.  That kind of event requires a more sophisticated platform that can be designed and adapted to your needs.

What Are You Trying To Accomplish?

What you need depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  However, you can look to broadcast television for comparable examples of what you might be trying to do.  Broadcast TV has done it all, or at least tried.  If you can find an example of a program on TV that comes close to achieving what you are working towards, then you can absolutely mimic those same technics to produce your own program.

See Virtual Event FAQs

Be Inspired By Comparable Examples From Existing Broadcasts:

If you want to… Look to these examples…
Host a fundraiser or gala event Telethons or on-line auctions
Deliver a company town hall Network news
Host an analyst meeting Televised press conference
Host a sales meeting or conference with several tracks of information The general session is not unlike a variety show, or even an evangelical event.  The breakouts, unfortunately, will be a little more like C-Span
Enablement or training for a sales force Some PBS programs like cooking or home improvement shows are all similar.
Communicate to your customers Think about hosted news programs like on CNN or State of the Union type of format.
Seminar or workshop to deliver useful information Might be more like a documentary.
Host a trade show (booth) Could look like a travel show with various segments on “destinations.”

While these do not line up exactly the same, there are striking similarities in terms of tone and structure that can be utilized.  It is all in how you think about your event, and subsequently how it is produced.

This is where AVFX comes in – we have been a key part of live events for nearly 40 years now.  Over the last 5 years, we have produced literally hundreds of webcast programs that have been seen by thousands of viewers.  Our staff of producers, along with our media group, know how to work with clients to put together a program that can achieve your goals.  This process is very similar to the many shows we work on in a normal year, except in this case we are sending your program outbound to remote viewers via webcast technology instead of an IMAG screen in a ballroom.  There are differences and we’re happy to explore them with you.

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