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“I can think of no one I would rather partner with than AVFX.” Joanne Dennison, MSEd, CMP

In order to dramatically upgrade our virtual event capabilities, AVFX built two new broadcast studios. Take a look at two events with the same presenter to see the difference. Let’s Talk.

We recorded Joanne Dennison from her home in a 100% virtual event and then from our studio in Boston. Here is her reaction.

With events, we always worry about big changes happening, but nothing prepared most of us for a pandemic. This is when you learn who your true professional partners are.

Having taught a particular multi-day class to meeting professionals for years, I had strongly resisted having a virtual class for many reasons. Then the world turned upside down, and people still needed, maybe more than ever, the class I teach. In less than four weeks it was decided and held.

I have known and built a relationship with AVFX over the past 7 years, although not through an event of my own. We have similar values, including educating people to create better meetings and events. You realize quickly that this is not someone you are just going to hand a list of equipment to.  They truly want to understand your event, the goals, and objectives, and search for ways of presenting things and fixing problems, some of which you had settled for in the past. Their tagline of “Our Passion Shows” is far more than a marketing statement.

Already concerned about turning the material and my style into something that would be the best reinvention of my class, I always knew that they had my back. I did not need to know how or why things worked (although they were always willing to teach me), and I knew they would create a wonderful version of me. They figured me out, and what was important to me, and helped me create experiences I have never been able to. Meeting professionals are a tough group to please, much less, impress, and yet from day one I was getting messages from the attendees from 5 North American time zones, along with France and India, about how incredible the audio and visual technology was.

From taking audio from multiple, different sources, to changing the light temperature to enhance me and my messages, drawing guest speakers from two remote locations, utilizing at least four cameras, the attendees were engaged for 4 hours a day, 4 days in a row.”

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