Video Showcase 2014 — April 15-16, 2014

cecil dorman Corporate Events, Services, Technology

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Really!  What’s the difference?
Have you ever wanted to compare what video and graphics look like on some of the most popular video display technologies?

LED wall vs. seamless video wall.
What difference does proximity to the display make? Which one is brighter? Which one is sharper?

HD video vs. 4K?
Does it really make a difference? Should I be using it?

Projection mapping.
Does it only work in huge spaces? Where can it play a part in my next event?

Join us for this unique opportunity to socialize, compare video display technologies and ask questions.

April 15 & 16 at our office from 5-9pm. Refreshments and adult beverages will be provided. Untold fun to be had.

RSVP today and feel free to invite guests.



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