Video Mapping Meets String Orchestra

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It isn’t every day that we’re asked to work on a special event in Vienna but that did happen recently. The client had planned a groundbreaking product launch during a trade show in Vienna and the creative producers needed something special.

Video mapping and an LED video wall were the perfect event technology to combine with a classical string orchestra to give attendees of this special event something to talk about.


video mappingThe client unveiled their new product in conjunction with the 2019 European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna. We worked closely with Live Marketing to develop plans for a truly memorable evening to launch this product at a special customer event.

Live Marketing selected AVFX to work closely with their team, as well as the extended team in Europe who were planning other events at that venue. AVFX developed the initial concept for the video mapping along with the technical specifications for that evening’s event.  We also managed the video wall and produced the dynamic media (see above) displayed on the 21’x 10’ high-resolution LED video wall and a series of large flat screen displays that were layered in front of the LED wall and around the room.


avfx special eventA string and woodwind ensemble was selected to entertain the attendees during the reception portion of the evening and tie into the local culture. For the launch performance itself, more instruments were added to become a larger string orchestra that played music that was synched live to the video on the screens.  After the presentations, the orchestra reprised their opening performance with a closing video/musical piece.  The custom media from AVFX was designed to mirror the piece of music played by the ensemble.

The presentation was a big hit!  The concept worked extremely well.  Attendees were delighted by the evening and the end client was extremely happy with the results.  This is an excellent example of an extended production team collaborating to bring a special event to life.

Thanks to Live Marketing for This Great Opportunity.

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