UPDATE — TEDxCambridge hits the big time.

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TEDLinda Hill Featured TEDxCambridge Speaker published HBS Professor Linda Hill’s TEDxCambridge Fall event video and it was the featured talk on the TED.com home page. AVFX Boston provided the audio visual staging of the event, recorded the presentations and streamed them to remote audiences.

This TEDxCambridge video has amassed a huge number of views in just a couple of days. Being the featured talk on the TED home page is the absolute gold standard within the TEDx community. TED is a big deal. (See this recent NY Times Op Ed piece.)

“This would not have been possible without the tremendous professionalism and creativity of AVFX in helping to make TEDxCambridge one of the premier TEDx events in the world. Thank you AVFX!”

Dmitri Gunn
Executive Director




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