Tom Peckham — General Manager, Perfectionist

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“The human eye is drawn to imperfection. Let’s not distract anyone.”

These are the words Tom lives by.Tom Peckham at Fenway Park

Tom’s principal role is to keep AVFX running smoothly 24/7 and executing perfectly. His responsibilities include inventory, personnel, scheduling and logistics. If you’re looking for him, he’s probably with a client.


  • Completeness: Service must be appropriate, useful and beautiful. No exceptions.
  • Transparency: Provide insight into as much of what we do as possible.
  • Balance: Work hard but protect personal time.
  • Special Teams: Deploy small teams of talented and experienced people.
  • Golden Rule: Treat people how we want to be treated.

If you haven’t met Tom, you don’t really know AVFX.  Here’s the best way to reach him.

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