The Tale of the Tape (Ball)

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Unlike other A/V staging firms, AVFX has a mascot.

When a large project is ready to be shipped out, we organize all of the shipping cases to be loaded. Part of our process is to affix colored tape to all of the cases for a specific shipment so they can be identified at a glance. We ensure that all shipments are labeled with the details needed to get to the show, but our color-coding scheme speeds the process.

Here’s where the mascot comes in.

We have a tradition of saving some pieces of the colored tape when a shipment returns. Those pieces of tape go onto our mascot, the tape ball. Over six years the ball has grown to an impressive size and weighs over 270 pounds.

One beautiful Friday afternoon several of the guys were guessing the weight of the ball. Carlos stepped up and bet that he could lift it.

Luckily, the ambulance arrived quickly and Carlos was able to leave the hospital after only a few hours.

It’s heavy. Very, very heavy.

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