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Wide Screen Image of the BallroomThe nearly 1,000 guests who attended the sold-out fundraising event at the Westin Boston Waterfront, included actors, politicians, celebrities including an American Idol-winner who gave a special live performance in tribute to the honorees.

This annual event raises funds for research, patient care, education and community outreach programs at one of Boston’s most prestigious hospitals.

Close Collaboration

The event honors 100 individuals and groups who’ve made significant contributions to the fight against cancer. AVFX Boston and Rafanelli Events have worked closely for many years to make certain the event is memorable.

AVFX and Port Lighting collaborated again to create an immersive experience for the audience. AVFX staged the video projection and engineered audio with 22 blended projectors focused on all four walls of the ballroom.

Vectorworks CAD Drawing

Vectorworks CAD drawing showing projection patterns.

Technical Talk

We presented several concepts for the AV and revised them to fit the program and the budget. Then we converted the selected technical plan into a CAD layout using Vectorworks 3-D. The audio and video technology we specified had to be precisely positioned to insure that nothing was in the projection path. That was critical as projection screens covered every wall.

Nearly three miles of copper and fiber optic cable, as well as six wireless networks, were needed to connect all of the technology. 22 Watchout-configured Dell computers, running 17 independent videos, kept the entire presentation in sync.

The videos were split into 14 pieces that we stitched together and synced across the system. We programed Watchout to treat them as a single “pre-split” video and distribute that to the corresponding computer to make the blended, seamless images.

The primary focus of audience attention was on the stage—flanked by two 12ft. x 36ft. screens. Those most important messaging screens displayed videos, live IMAG and event branding. Four double-stacked 18K Barco projectors, managed by Vista Spyder X20 video processing technology, lit the screens. The projectors were certainly bright, but also redundant, so there was no chance the audience would see a blank screen.

The 100 were honored, the audience was impressed and funds were raised.
It was indeed a memorable evening.




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