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888 Boylston Street, Boston’s Most Sustainable Building, is the newly completed final office tower at the Prudential Center. Boston Properties developed the 17 story tower, with 425,000 square feet of office space, and 60,000 square feet of retail space in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay.

We were contacted by Boston Properties to consult with them on display technology for their lobby. The original design request from the architect, FXFOWLE, specified a seamless video wall. (Seamless video walls are an array of separate video screens aligned to minimize the spaces between the screens. They are not truly seamless.)

Our response was, “We could go with a seamless wall, but this is the perfect application for an LED wall. Let’s set up a comparison.”

Since the best way to make a decision is to see what you’re actually buying, we invited Boston Properties and FXFOWLE to visit our demo space to view the difference between a seamless video wall and an LED video wall. We have the equipment, technicians and the space to deploy it, so we set up a comparison for them to see. They decided to go with the high resolution Absen 2.4 mm LED tiles and that’s what we installed at 888 Boylston.

audio visual integration bostonTECH TALK: The AV Integration was not a typical 16 by 9 format. We loved that challenge, so what visitors see is 126 tiles wrapped around a corner in the lobby of the new Boston Properties building. People are struck by the color and detail. The small wall is 7 tiles tall by 6 tiles wide. The larger wall is 7 tiles tall by 12 tiles wide for a total of 4,320 x 849 pixels.

The media was developed by Show and Tell of New York. Using our PartnerVendor approach we collaborated closely with them on formats, resolution, and content feed to make sure that their video displayed properly. The end result was a stunning installation, sure to make a lasting impression on all visitors to the building.

Special thanks to Boston Properties and FXFOWLE for this opportunity.


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