Step to the table and bring me your best and brightest ideas.

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OK. Sure this is self serving, but very sincerely appreciated. This is an example of the PartnerVendor Approach at it’s best. If you want to speak to Jeff, I’d be happy to introduce you.

“To all at AVFX.

I’m going to begin here with just a huge thanks to all of you and the teams you represent supporting our business… and particularly our business at RSNA 2013.

As you all know by now, we shattered every possible record for RSNA 2013 and our participation over most of RSNA’s first 100 years.

As you all also know full well, 2013 was the year we needed to re-invent RSNA for more reasons than just a look and feel refresh. I asked all of you to step to the table and bring me your best and brightest ideas. I had a kernel of a proposition to explore and working together with you in charette and with the applied subsequent learning we came to a proposal for my “kitchen cabinet” to explore. They embraced us confidently and directed us to take the proposal further.

The teamwork and professional skills brought to this project were nothing short of amazing and you are all to be congratulated for your participation in an enormous moment for us. I do not believe that we shall ever turn back. We have so much new ground to explore together now and I’m frankly eager to lead this team under a new charter with my new boss into and onto whatever comes next.

I know that I will personally thank each of you face to face over the next several days and weeks, but please be sure to pass on to your teams the immense pride I have in working with your businesses and people. We are very grateful to you for this year’s RSNA execution.

Please enjoy your holidays and spend the time we took from you at Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

Thank you again and look forward to a fun and exciting new year.”



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