Special Purpose Displays

AVFX has long been a pioneer in the video display arena. From the first light valve projectors, to the enormous 103” plasma to seamless plasma, AVFX was the first to own and use these in events.

There are many special purpose display technologies in the market today. The two we have found most intriguing are transparent screens and curving screens.

Transparent Displays

While there are variations on this, using LED glass or large scale “transparent” LED tiles used for large displays, we have found the transparent OLEDs to be the most compelling. These 55 inch transparent monitors employ the latest in digital display technology: OLED describes an emitter with an emissive electroluminescent layer which is a film of organic compound that emits light in response to an electric current. These self-lighting LED pixels deliver the most vivid colors because each individual pixel can brighten, dim, and power off fully to achieve a perfect black (clear). The OLED is partially clear and does not require additional backlight, which allows us to offer a display with the best transparency available in the market today.

Imagine using the transparent monitors as a video wall in your trade show booth, or in your museum display. We used six transparent video monitors used to create an interactive video wall.

transparent monitors as a video wall

OLED Confidence Notes on Transparent Monitor

These displays can be used for any purpose you can imagine, from downstage monitors, to digital signage, to interactive displays. They are attention-grabbing and present fantastic colors.

OLED Confidence Notes on Transparent Monitor

Presenter View

OLED Confidence Notes on Transparent Monitor

Audience View

Curving Screens

The display industry has tried to make curved screens work in the consumer market, but they just are not large enough to pay off on the curve. The only way to make a viewer feel the power of a curved screen is to either have them literally step right up into the curve of a monitor, which is neither comfortable or practical, or make the display much larger.

AVFX has patiently waited for the right technology to come to market, and now it has. Curving LED tiles have become the answer. With new high resolution 2.9mm curving tiles on the market, AVFX can now connect these LEDs to make enormous screens that show the power of curving video imagery. The LED we have invested in can be used as a convex or concave curve, or a combination of the two. This creates fantastic possibilities for designers.

The next time you want to make an impression and use a completely unorthodox screen shape, look to the curved LEDs from AVFX.

OLED Confidence Audience View

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