Sharing Stories, Showing Support — WBUR 2015 Gala

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LogoSharing stories is an essential part of being human. Face-to-face storytelling is incredibly powerful and AVFX helps make that possible in two major ways.

AVFX Boston is the audio visual services company who stages WBUR events like the 2015 Gala on May 18th which featured Ira Glass, host of This American Life, and Tricia Rose Burt, Storyteller with The Moth.

2015 Gala StageSince 1995, AVFX donations have been underwriting programming.

WBUR believes that responsible, in-depth, objective journalism can help people understand issues affecting them, can assist them in making informed decisions, and can improve our world. AVFX shares this belief.

We contribute cash and in-kind event support because we believe in the WBUR mission and want to support it.

If you don’t know WBUR, listen up today and decide for yourself.




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