Servers & Effects

To create effects, you must start with controls.

Special effects are driven by computers. Those computers have sophisticated programs that control timelines, media servers, and triggering abilities built into them. These give us the capabilities needed to lay out a period of time, then preciously program layers of video, sound and lighting onto one another in order to create an environment.

These environments can be large or small. Simple or sophisticated. Fanciful or down-to-business. Those attributes are governed by the intended purpose of the event, and the design/production behind it. Inevitably, they present the realization of a vision that was born of work with the client, creative designers, producers and programmers.

Precision Cueing

AVFX uses a combination of proven technologies to deliver precision cueing in virtually any environment. We use the same types of controller equipment that is used today on Broadway or even Disney productions. Our technology can integrate the control of audio, video, lighting, scenics, rigging, or practically anything into simple manual or triggered cues.

While many of automated shows include large, complex productions, AVFX frequently stages programs that use automation in smaller environments where the delivery of important content in various media is critical. Our goal is to deliver the best audience experience and we select the appropriate technologies to guarantee that result.

Two common scenarios we see for these systems are:

Complex Stage Productions that consolidates hundreds of cues into a handful of timed macros.
Installations and Trade Show Exhibits where you need to repeat precisely the same show over and over again, over time and over days.

Video Control Technology

AVFX can control multiple sources of video with frame-by-frame accuracy through a single controller. These cues can then be triggered from a timed video, off of a clock, with a manual remote cue device, with an iPad, or even with automatic sensors like motion sensors or pressure sensitive matts. Media servers, where multiple sources of video are all stored in one device, are also important to the process, as we can store and playback multiple videos on one machine versus having stacks of playback devices cluttering a space.

Why does this matter? Many shows these days, whether trade shows or stage shows, use multiple sources of video for effects or to show different perspectives on the same topic all at one time. It is how modern day multimedia productions are designed. The net effect is one where the audience sees action across multiple screens, as few as two or as many as needed, even into the hundreds. They see all of these elements working in perfect harmony. It is a powerful metaphor for any company to have their message displayed so precisely.

AVFX has many examples of how we use these, and other, technologies to bring our clients’ visions to life. Ask us how we can help you.

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