Seductive Design — CES 2013

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The Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas every year brings together cutting edge technologies and products. It’s an extravaganza.

Sanho Lighting VerticalAt CES 2013, HYPER by Sanho Corporation was looking for an airy booth with maximum visibility from all sides of the show. Through our partnership with BlueHive, AVFX was able to maximize the visual draw of the booth with dramatic video wall displays and theatrical lighting. A flown video wall and perimeter LED lighting on the gauzy drops seduced the audience and brought them in.

AVFX created a dynamic environment with intelligent lighting to project the client’s iconic PLUS sign logo and colored washes to match their new line of ‘Get Colored’ battery products, while large video screens ran product videos on both the inside and outside of the booth walls.

Lighting Systems AVFX

BlueHive’s client, Sanho Corp., received amazing attendee response to the booth design and plans to increase their footprint for next year’s show with the help of both BlueHive and AVFX.



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