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Pixel Mapping

Projection mapping test for tradeshow or meeting AV

The title should have been Rehearsing, Prototyping and Testing are Critical to Success, but we try to be clever. We include meetings, tradeshows and special events. There’s no general agreement on what constitutes a test but here at AVFX it means assuring you that your meeting AV, exhibit AV or special event AV will be flawless. Our job is to reduce your stress.

Space, Technology and Expertise

We don’t take things for granted. We have a dedicated space in our facility we call the “Upper Deck” where we set up equipment to simulate the environment you’ll have on the show floor or in the ballroom. We don’t wait until we get there to ensure AV success.

Since we own and maintain our own equipment you’ll find the same gear used to test that you’ll see at your event. Then comes the expertise. Things don’t always work as planned when you create something new. This is where the head scratching comes in. We have the people to deconstruct the result and understand the contributing factors. Those same people have the experience to make things bullet proof. Sometimes even the folks leaning on the cases have insight into a solution. It’s great when that happens.

User Experience

Whether it’s the CEO’s speech or an interactive display our concern is active human perception and it’s important to create a test or early assessment of how a potential user interacts with technology in a specific scenario we develop. We do that all the time. We’re all guinea pigs here.

Test Us

Video wall with smart glass interface.

Video wall with smart glass interface being tested for tradeshow booth AV use.

We dare you to give us a challenge you’ve had in the back of your mind. If you have an idea that will win best of show or get a standing ovation, let’s give it a shot.








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