Permanent AV Installations

Experience, expertise and integration from design to deployment, for your high-impact AV installations.

No matter how ambitious or complex your permanent installation, we make it work. Our team of expert AV integration technicians support you with passion, knowledge and decades of experience. We are the permanent installation AV integration experts you have been looking for.

AV Installation Support Services

Precise AV integration is key to success when planning a permanent AV installation in a corporate lobby, executive briefing center, boardroom, or museum exhibit. We listen to your goals and propose the best way to bring your vision to life.

We have years of experience working with architects, designers and exhibit builders on high-impact projects that incorporate immersive environments. We specialize in unusual configurations and challenging locations. Our process includes early prototyping and rigorous testing to ensure the design integrity and eliminate costly changes.

Consulting and Planning
AVFX collaborates closely with project leaders – owners, owners’ representatives, architects and consultants – to help guide the design of the AV system you envision. Our engineers bring broad and granular knowledge of technical systems components and specifications for optimal integration.

Technical Design
AVFX systems design consultants can help you pinpoint the best products for your installation. Conduct product evaluations in our shop or on-site. Our process includes early prototyping and testing to eliminate costly changes later. We ensure that the technical system integrates into architectural plans, so that sight lines, projection lines, screen sizes, resolution, lighting, and sound reproduction fit perfectly within the physical space and native acoustical environment.

Project Management
Once your installation is underway, AVFX project managers work closely with owners and construction teams to coordinate schedules and equipment deliveries to execute your project on time and on budget. We provide submittals for architect and engineer verification: product data, wiring diagrams, and prototyping with other trades.

Our process is defined by obsessive attention to detail, resulting in outstanding visual quality. We work with your end-users to tailor the system to meet their specific requirements. No project is complete without training your on-site team in basic operation and general maintenance of your installation.
Content Recommendations
Our experience working with creative, design, animation, and video production companies puts us in a position to impartially advise clients on the content that will work best on their display.

Service and Maintenance
To keep your system performing reliably, periodic maintenance is crucial. We provide a service schedule to help prevent premature equipment failure or emergency service calls. After your installation has been in use for several years, we evaluate all technologies for potential upgrades, so your system is optimized and current.

Services Available

  • Consulting and Planning
  • Technical Design
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Content Recommendations
  • AV Integration
  • Service and Maintenance

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