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AVFX works hard to stay competitive and offer the leading edge of technology. To accomplish that, we travel far and wide to find the next great technologies we’ll want to invest in. Recently, AVFX CEO Murray Lapides visited the NABSHOW in Las Vegas.

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) hosts the NABSHOW and this year, 97,915 attendees representing Broadcast, Digital Media, Film, Post-Production, Sports, IT and more got together to, as NAB says, “feed the need of next-generation content.”

While NAB is not the prime buying show for the AV staging industry, there are many common products that cross over. Many times, new technologies will be showcased at NAB, long before they become the products we see at Infocomm or in the consumer market.

Whenever we attend an interesting conference or show, we share what we learned internally. This time we’d like to share with you.

NAB Show FloorReplay Video
A very small lipstick style camera that will transmit on WiFi, at a very small price – $300. Think Go Pro. Also has a hard wire option, so it could be a “throw-away” camera that you put in some out-of-the-way place. Waterproof. iPhone app, etc.

Small HD
This I loved — a 5″ 1920 X 1080 monitor (i.e., looks like an iPhone 6) with SDI in/out & HDMI in/out (also converts). Runs on batteries or AC adaptor — $1200. Might be the kind of thing everyone’s should have in their tech kit for an easy means of checking computer signals. Or even a way to set up a “multi-view” in a small space.

4K Video
4K was everywhere — BUT – a lot of doubts about it. Nobody thinks that we’re going to see a lot of 4K in the home. Just no need for it. (Proximity) BUT, part of the beauty of 4K is HDR – High Dynamic Range. i.e., better color, contrast, etc. (See the Extron White Paper on 4K). It explains what the concept is all about – unfortunately, all we’re seeing now (and maybe into the near future) is the increased resolution. Everyone does think that 4K is going to be a production tool. Shoot in 4K and crop in camera. Shoot the baseball game in 4K and then zoom into the tight shot for a replay — that sort of thing.

8K Video w/ 22.2 audio
Yea, really – NHK had a theater set up & wants to have it rolled out for consumer use by the 2022 Olympics in Tokyo. Collective yawn by everyone.

Black Magic
Has updated the ATEM line to ATEM-4K. They still make the 2K boxes. (The 4K’s are all SDI inputs – maybe 1 HDMI — so they wouldn’t be very useful for our seamless switching needs.)

They also have the Teranova Express box with 4K to 1920 conversion with region of interest. Might be useful to have a 4K camera and recording for a panel and then let the video editor do a region of interest. Or, do a 4K stream from a Mac Mini to feed an ultra HD video wall. Just thinking.

Live Stream
I spent a long time with these guys. They’re getting into the hardware business.
They are getting multiple requests for individual passwords & are looking into it.
Cellular Bonding — also part of the Studio Software package.
There are people who are building boxes that connect to Sprint, Verizon & AT&T (simultaneously), along with WiFi and wired internet (if available) to stream outbound. It will combine all the possible signal paths into the best path to the internet. Might be useful in a situation where we don’t trust the venue internet connection, or to have a redundant path.

4 in HDMI multiviewer — but NO loop through. To monitor multiple computers backstage or FOH. Pricey at $2400.

They have a bunch of Thunderbolt solutions — adaptors, MacMini rack enclosures. Might be something that’s useful.

The next NAB Show is April 16 – 20, 2016.





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