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Interactive Displays

AVFX specializes in making technology easy to access and control. That’s why we have invested in gesture and touch technology for a variety of screen sizes. This technology can provide a user experience very similar to an iPad or Android tablet. Users can click, zoom and navigate through your content easily and naturally.

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Engaging audiences through highly interactive experiences

AVFX has long been a pioneer of new technologies, and we have been very busy with interactive displays which can provide a user experience very similar to an iPad or Android tablet.

With any program, users can navigate through menus and screens using their hands instead of a mouse. In photo applications, users can pinch their fingers to zoom in and twist their fingers to rotate images. In catalog-type programs, users can brush their fingers across the display to move from one item to the next.Tech Multi touch

With specifically developed interactive applications, the sky is the limit in terms of the interactivity brought to your message. While many associate this type of touch technology with games, there are a myriad of ways developers can make your company’s messages, collateral and products more interesting to navigate by developing them into a program with multi-touch control.

Gesture Control

AVFX has been working with various types of gesture control devices. In close proximity, the Microsoft Kinect offers control over programs and screens simply by moving your hands in the air. We have also worked with laser-controlled systems. All of which add nearly endless possibilities for your presenter or audience to participate in your program.

For more information about our Interactive Technology, please contact Interactive@AVFX.com.