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Multi-camera HD Production Packages

AVFX has high-definition camera packages that offer great flexibility with studio-quality results.

AVFX has led the way to incredibly sharp HD video production with new cameras, switchers and source equipment. We’ve invested in HD camera and video playback systems joined with state-of-the-art media servers, to create vibrant visual environments of the highest quality.

high-def multi-camera packages for major events with expert video technicians

AVFX carries a wide variety of portable production units that contain everything you need for imag, webcast, mobile broadcast or to enhance the capabilities of any existing studio. From experienced operators to HD robo-cams for remote control applications or productions in tight spaces, AVFX has the right equipment and engineering expertise needed to put the highest quality video to event projection, webcast or satellite.

Intelligent Technology Decisions

We recognize that there are times when pricing is more important than image quality. That’s why AVFX is conscientious about where to invest in A/V staging equipment. For example, while we offer top-of-the-line switchers with the latest high definition cameras, we also carry other systems for budget-constrained applications. Our flexible configurations provide just the right system for your needs, and your budget. We even set up small portable studios to record the important people who can be cost-effectively captured when they attend your events.

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