MIT STRONG — Remembrance for Officer Sean A. Collier

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MIT Strong LogoMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Cambridge, MA marked the one-year anniversary of MIT Police Officer Sean Collier’s death in the line of duty following the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013.

AVFX Boston has supported the MIT community for many years and this event was another example. More than 1,600 people turned out to MIT’s North Court for Collier’s remembrance the morning of Friday, April 18. The crowd included emergency personnel from across the state and New York City, local and state politicians, and close friends and family members of Collier’s.

If you were touched by the tragedy and the triumphant recovery of the Boston Marathon, please consider a donation to the Sean A. Collier Memorial Fund. Gifts to this fund will be used to establish a Collier Medal—to be awarded to individuals who demonstrate the values and character of Officer Collier—as well as other causes.


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Dear Colleagues,

On April 18, the MIT community gathered together to remember and honor Officer Sean Collier. As with many things over the past year, this would not have been possible without the exceptional dedication of the many individuals across campus and beyond that have continued to hold Sean in their hearts.

I want to take a moment to acknowledge your contributions, and to thank you for helping to make the remembrance ceremony, unveiling of the permanent memorial plans, and rally for the MIT Strong marathon team possible. MIT has been lifted up in countless ways over the past year, and I believe that our community faces the future more hopeful, resilient and united because of the strength and support we share with each other.

Thank you for your commitment, and for all that you do every day to help make MIT the magical place that it is.





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