What You Missed—AVFX Tech Showcase 2013

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Left Side Pan

AVFX Boston 3,000 square foot Tech Showcase theatre

We recently transformed the AVFX Boston warehouse into a showcase of audiovisual technology. We wanted everyone to see the technology we use to create meetings that matter, tradeshows that engage, and events that inspire.

Great Feedback: In the post–event survey, when attendees were asked to rate the content of the presentations, 92.59% responded that Projection Mapping was the most interesting followed by Ultra High Definition Seamless Video Wall and our enhanced Lighting capabilities.

Vivid Simulations: A range of meeting environments were created to demonstrate the wide range of AV technologies we can integrate to give audiences a memorable experience.

  • AUDIO:  We compared five different sound systems to demonstrate how AVFX assists in the design of the appropriate system for the event (or exhibit) through room analysis and tuning the system to the space.
  • VIDEO: — We presented a range of video technologies from simple systems for a small meeting environment to ultra HD projection with multiple screens and formats to create immersive environments for larger meetings. Projection mapping was used to show how our newest projectors could manipulate video to change an environment.
  • LIGHTING: — We demonstrated how robotic and LED technologies could reduce cost and expand options to create new looks most efficiently with an unlimited range of colors. Robotics reduces the set-up time and eliminates the cost of resetting lighting appliances.
  • PRODUCTION: — We examined a range of cameras and switching equipment technologies suited for spaces from the small meeting room to large ballrooms and arenas. New technology right for each environment was discussed including studio-quality and robotic cameras as well as live streaming.
Blazing Angels

Blazing Angels on seven large screens.

Tech Directors: — We also hosted a special party for our most demanding clients/partners. Technical Directors who told us what they thought (candidly) and then played Blazing Angels on seven large screens until late in the evening (beer & burritos were supplied).

Quote of the Week: — “Thanks so much for yesterday. I was surprised to see the vast array of technology  AVFX offers.” Susan Warren Abrams Director, Business Development, IML Worldwide

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