Maximizing Virtual Engagement — 2021 AIRI Virtual Annual Meeting Presentation

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Jill and Steve were introduced by Dagnia Zeidlickis, Vice President, Communications, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

AIRI is a national organization of more than 90 independent, non-profit research institutes.

The AIRI 2021 Annual Meeting was held virtually on September 13-14, 2021. There were twelve concurrent breakout sessions over the two days of the conference. On Tuesday 9/14 Jill and Steve addressed audience interest in Communications & Development: Maximizing Virtual Engagement to AIRI members from research institutes across the country.

Jill Tate and Steve Halling

Jill is the founder and Maestro of the Gathering at Corinthian Events one of New England’s premier event designers. Steve Halling is the President and CEO at AVFX an event technology headquartered in Boston. Jill and Steve joined the AIRI Virtual Meeting from StudioAVFX.

For more on AIRI, please contact David Issing, Executive Director, at

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