A man walks into a lobby and…

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WHAM! He stops in his tracks.

BioMed Realty 301 Binney Street Cambridge, MA Seamless video wall installed by AVFX, Boston

301 Binney Street Cambridge, MA Seamless video wall installed by AVFX, Boston.

OK, so you design a new building in Cambridge, MA and you want to impress potential biotech tenants. Try a wall of seamless video displays showing video that slowly moves as though you’re scuba diving across a healthy reef. Creating immersive environments with video walls, lighting, sound and video projection is the kind of thing we do in trade show environments. This is the same idea.

BioMed Realty’s vision was to capture visitor’s attention and create an impression of technical sophistication as visitors first enter. They wanted someone to create visual impact with a display of technology. They selected AVFX to design, source and build this 9×3 wall of 46in NEC monitors.


BioMed Binney Street Wall ReefBioMed Realty is an entrepreneurial company focused on providing Real Estate to the Life Science Industry®. With over $5.0 billion invested in state-of-the-art research facilities, we have assembled a world-class portfolio of life science buildings concentrated in the seven core U.S. life science markets of Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, Maryland, New York/New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Seattle. If you’re in Cambridge, go take a look!

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