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Mac and PC Computers

AVFX carries a full inventory of rental computers and iPads. We own hundreds of PCs, Macs and tablet computers of various sizes and configurations. Our computers receive the same meticulous care as all of our AV gear. Every PC is cleaned and checked before every show.

Leaving nothing to chance where it counts the most

Presenters count on the computer in front of them to help them convey their message. Salespeople want the most current info on their iPads when the show opens. That’s why we leave nothing to chance with the PCs, Macs, or iPads we offer our clients.

Five commandments:

  1. It must be reliable.
    AVFX invests tens of thousands of dollars every year to update our inventory of computers.
  2. It must be clean.
    After every show, our computers are wiped clean and re-imaged. No old data is left behind.
  3. It must be safe.
    There is no excuse for a virus on our PCs, so we carefully build and scan our master computer images prior to applying it to any other devices.
  4. It must be current.
    During the imaging process, we make certain we’re loading the latest software and drivers available.
  5. It must have the software people use the most.
    Inevitably, it is the end-user that has to work with our devices. Therefore, we balance the use of operating systems and applications and load the most common versions of both onto our computers. It may not always be the very newest version of the product being sold, but it is most likely the one most familiar to the user.

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