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AVFX Boston Video Projection

The custom-designed Timeline projected on the wall of the Artists for Humanity Epicenter.

Peter Lynch is an icon in the investment world and a renowned philanthropist in Boston. The Lynch Foundation marked 25 years of giving back with a fundraising gala and AVFX helped make it a memorable evening.

Peter Lynch is one of the greatest money managers and most famous investors of all time. He drew acclaim for his success as the portfolio manager of Fidelity Magellan, the mutual fund he ran from 1977 to 1990.

The Lynch Foundation was created 25 years ago by Carolyn and Peter Lynch to honor the people whose generosity and devotion made their education possible. In 1988, when professional success provided them with the opportunity to spread these values, they launched The Lynch Foundation.

To make the 25th anniversary gala memorable, and tell the Lynch Foundation story, Conover Tuttle Pace (CTP) designed, developed, and installed a digital Timeline at the Artists for Humanity space in South Boston. 

AVFX was presented with the audiovisual challenge of displaying Instagram images (provided by the attendees) into 3D picture frames with four 18K projectors while avoiding structural support columns.

Hanging 3D artwork frames to display the photos captured live during the event.

25th Anniversary Timeline

The Timeline is a custom built web application integrating over 600 images, quotes and facts to share the story of the foundation through the experience of the institutions who have benefited from the Lynch donations.

AVFX projected the Timeline visuals across a 50 ft wide, two-story wall and onto seven large, physical frames handmade by Artists for Humanity and RAW Art Works—two groups funded by The Lynch Foundation.

Guests added their own photos to the Timeline by posting their Instagram photos (with the hashtag #LF25years). Those images appeared seamlessly in the large frames and changed constantly throughout the evening.

CTP and AVFX planning the Timeline wall.

The goal of the project was to highlight the great work done over the past 25 years and based on feedback from the attendees, the goal was achieved and then some. Check back in 2038 to see the next 25 years of great investments in the community.

(Special thanks to Holly Copeland for her leadership on the event, interest in AVFX and help with this post.)


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