L.L.Bean Northern Lights — Inside the Dome

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L.L.Bean launches the holiday season with their Northern Lights Celebration, featuring hundreds of twinkling trees, visits with Santa, a Reindeer Barn, a Model Train Village, and a Night Sky Dome.


Inside the dome rendering by Newbridge Marketing Group

The dome is where you’ll see the brand-new Aurora Borealis experience, projected on the ceiling of a geodesic dome. Come see L.L.Bean’s version of the Northern Lights, right in Discovery Park, from November 18-December 31, 2016 on their Flagship Campus in Freeport, Maine.

AVFX Boston was selected by Newbridge Marketing Group to supply audio, lighting, video projection and a simulated campfire for the campsite you’ll see inside the Night Sky Dome.

TECH TALK: An 18K Barco projector was used to light the Aurora Borealis with a video assembled by AVFX. Philips Showline Beam 300FX lighting units were used to seamlessly blend the video with the rest of the dome. Audio of night sounds inside the Sky Dome was powered by Meyer UPM speakers. The technical design was kept simple and effective in order to perform uninterrupted over the month and a half run.

Special Thanks to L.L.Bean and Newbridge Marketing for making this wonderful holiday experience possible.

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