Enhancing the Kennedy Inauguration—50+ Years Later

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We at AVFX Boston, take great pride in our affiliation with the John F. Kennedy Library Presidential Library here in Boston. Although many citizens were not born yet, the 50th anniversary of the president’s assassination harkens us back to that grim day on Nov. 22, 1963, the appetite for all things Kennedy will bring a large number of people to visit the library.President John F. Kennedy Portrait

As always, the library looks for ways to emphasize the most positive aspects of the president’s short term in office. One of the best places to begin and indeed a tour of the museum begins with President John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Speech. Visitors who enter the theatre to witness the historic speech will see familiar footage and hear the speech will have a realistic experience.

The curators at the Kennedy Library asked AVFX for ideas on how to enhance the exhibit.

A new 16mm film of the speech was recently discovered and reprocessed by Deluxe in LA to enhance the audio. AVFX Boston was given the task to design a new sound system to better reflect what you would have heard if you had been there on the National Mall to witness the event live. The surround sound system was our suggestion to make the exhibit more immersive and give the audience a “you are there” feeling.

We designed and installed an audio system to literally surround the audience in the moment including even the subtle detail of sound reflecting off of nearby buildings. The new audio system we designed incorporated technology from Meyer Sound. (Meyer Sound UP-Junior, UP-4XP-Surrounds and MPS-488HPp Power Supply)

We also installed a state-of-the-art projection system to replace an aging flat screen monitor, which stretched the image to fit the 16:9 aspect ratio of the flat screen. The new projection system returns the screen to the original format of the film.

All together the focus remains on the man and the message with the hope that no one will notice the audiovisual design.

We invite you to visit the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum and experience it for yourself.


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