Interesting Use of Little Bitty Projectors

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AVFX Boston recently staged an event at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Annual Conference in Vancouver, BC. The ballroom had a ridiculously LOW ceiling completely covered with a chandeliers. The glass was hanging so low that a short NBA player could easily touch them.

SNM Vancouver Conference AV by AVFX Boston In order to create a wide screen on a limited budget, we used six smaller screens flanking the center screen. The large screen was back-lit and used for the presentations. The side screens were lit by a combination of video and LED up lights. The video of molecular imagery was designed to spread across multiple small side screens. The videos faded off to black on the bottom and were up lit with blue LEDs to match the video imagery. We were able to use small breakout room 2K lumen projectors on those six side screens because they were just there to create a look for the room.

We used two robotic lights to brush across the bottom of the chandeliers and contribute to the overall feel as the side screens. All together simple lighting, small screens, inexpensive projectors and stock video created a gorgeous look and an pleasant immersive experience for the audience.



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