Philips Healthcare at RSNA — Inspire Audiences by Reinventing Their Experience

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THE OPPORTUNITY: The challenge was to re-invent the existing RSNA exhibit for more reasons than just a mere look and feel refresh. The corporate objective was to create an engaging experience by focusing more on value and less on products. The aim was to surround the visitor in an inclusive learning environment where they could absorb, identify with, and participate in a dialog.

This new experiential design was shaped by collaboration between the client, the design agency, exhibit builder, media developer and us. The challenge required the kind of close collaboration we call the PartnerVendor Approach.

The teamwork and professional skills brought to this project were nothing short of amazing. The client congratulated us for our participation in what he described as an enormous moment for Philips Healthcare.

“The teamwork and professional skills AVFX brought to this project were nothing short of amazing and I do not believe that we shall ever turn back. We have so much new ground to explore together now and I’m eager to lead this team to whatever comes next.” — Jeff M., Philips Healthcare
LIGHTING SOLUTIONS: Creating a comfortable environment that would subtly direct the visitor’s attention was facilitated with thoughtful lighting design. We achieved that goal with three layers of lighting. 1) No glaring lights: warm comfortable lighting created a more human and natural looking atmosphere. 2) At the same time, the selected “hero” products were highlighted with the kind of visual emphasis you might expect to see at an international auto show. 3) Lighting guided visitors into designated solution zones where staff then engaged them in conversation about the challenges they face instead of product features.

AUDIO SOLUTIONS: Everyone who has attended a major trade show has experienced that confusing mixture of ambient noise. We set out to find the elusive key to having our client’s audio remain focused in their theatre, not leaking out to pollute the show environment. We combined various audio technologies configured in a unique way to achieve a solution that was so exacting, the show management wanted to know how we did it. As we pointed out the system 30ft up they said, “It just looks like there’s a multi-outlet strip on top of the screen.” We achieved simple but targeted high fidelity sound.

VIDEO SOLUTIONS: The exhibit design included four large stages and called for huge iPads-like screens flying over each stage. We used video projection and just the right screen material to bring them to life. Since visitors walking down the main aisle could see more than one stage at a time, the screens were synchronized to display messages in orchestrated harmony. Those large simulated iPads drew visitors into the booth and then served as speaker support for presenters below. As the presentations ended, lighting was used to draw the visitors under the screen and into the solution zones to continue the conversation.

SHOWTIME: On the day the show opened, the 30,000sq. ft. booth was christened with a full product reveal delivered by the CEO of Philips Healthcare, Deborah DiSanzo. Live HD video was captured, networked and delivered throughout the booth to accentuate the messages she offered. The performance was choreographed and produced in a manner that would make network TV jealous. Minutes later the edited video was made available online.


Client: Philips Healthcare

Design: Egg Design

Exhibit Builder: Czarnowski

Media: Hyperactive

Audiovisual: AVFX


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