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InfoComm LIVE, March 4-6, 2013, Dallas, TX

In 2012 InfoComm International launched a new series of LIVE events aimed at staging companies from across North America.  This past week we were invited to attend the second annual event in Dallas.  In an industry known for islands of technology all over the country, this event brought together 30+ firms for frank discussions about the direction of the industry.

My (cowboy) hat is off to InfoComm and the strong group of sponsors they assembled—Digital Projection, Video Tech Services, Media Vision, and Mediasite.  They put together an agenda with topics from change management to labor laws to the challenges of a multi-generational workforce.

One topic that stood out to me was how Sustainability has become a major concern for most large corporations (our clients). A/V is not exempt from these concerns and we need to become more aware.

Allen Weidman, Sustainability Officer at Infocomm International addressed his work and referenced Event Sustainability initiatives at Oracle to reduce the environmental impact of the large conferences they sponsor around the world. Major corporations are concerned about everything from trucks idling to foodservice. One stat that drove home the scale of their efforts was related to food services. Oracle has stipulated that 80 percent of the ingredients in conference box lunches should be sourced within 250 miles of an event. Caterers are required to report where food is sourced and make adjustments to maximize seasonal, local, and organic content.

A big round of applause is due for Duffy Wilbert and the rest of the InfoComm staff for their hard work to make this event a reality.

In a normal year, I might speak to a dozen other companies like ours, and in this one event I was able to talk to 30 different firms from across the country.  A great learning experience!

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