How to Create Great Event Visual Storytelling

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Aaron Root, Senior Video Editor, and Motion Graphics Artist with years of experience creating great visual media discusses How to Create Great Event Visual Storytelling. The script, video, images, and animation need to work together to create a truly great storytelling experience. This can best be achieved by the event planner and the media team working together to develop the storytelling experience. If the media team is brought in after the script has been written it can often be difficult to create the same level of visual experience.

Below is the Video Transcript

When creating video or animation for events, I really think it’s important that the client involve and really consult with the media team fairly early on when they’re developing a script for their project.

It’s pretty common that the visuals and the real visual treatment are something that people think we’ll figure out later on down the road once we have our script written and approved. But when we get there, and really start to have these conversations about the visual specifics, it’s pretty common to find that the notions people may have had about a visual treatment that might work really well or things like that, just don’t really align with the script in quite the way it was hoped they really would.

Another common challenge is that the visual assets themselves, photography, or video footage that we really need to support the script. Maybe they just don’t exist or in the abundance, we thought they really would, so that creates some challenges there.

There’s just a lot of little things you pay attention to regarding the visuals. If we collaborate and look at the script as it’s being developed early on, we can identify possible pitfalls. Come up with some creative ways where we can maybe avoid them altogether or just help streamline the approach or treatment you want into something that will work with the script and the direction that your script is going.

So, ultimately, I think it just results in a much better visual story and that’s so important in making videos or animations, that’s ultimately how people will experience the project, nobody will actually be reading the script, it’s a video or an animation they’re watching.

So, having that really strong visual story is just going to give a great chance for a more successful project and hopefully a more impactful experience for the viewer.

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