Great Event Audio — Dancers vs. Talkers

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AUDIO TIPS by Jim Wilkens, A1 at AVFX

Very often, a dinner event such as an awards show or fundraiser will end with a DJ spinning tunes for guests on the dance floor.

At that point in the evening, you typically have guests who want to get down on the dance floor, and other guests who would prefer to continue a good conversation. To make this work for your guests you should think about having two separate audio systems.

Main PA System

Main sound system focused on the entire room.

Audio systems are always designed to cover the entire room with uniform volume for the presentations. We suggest focusing a separate sound system directly on the dance floor so the sound level of the music is directed to the dancers and doesn’t drive away those who just like to hang out and talk.

Dance Floor System

Dance floor sound system focused only on the dancers.

When you walk out onto the dance floor you should be completely enveloped in the music. Walking off the dance floor, you still hear the music but now conversation becomes much easier. With two systems you can separate the music from the conversation.

Our responsibility is to help both dancers and talkers enjoy the event.



Jim Wilkens has been the Lead Audio Engineer at AVFX in Boston for 15 years and also attended Berklee College of Music.


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