It takes a Giant Panorama to Impress a Tough Crowd

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Impressing the annual meeting of ad agency principals who have seen it all was a touch challenge. Add to that the interesting dynamic of working with a French producer AND ADD TO THAT staging a single panoramic image that stretched across three sides of the ballroom at the Intercontinental Hotel in Boston. Now you can see why we’re so proud of the results.

“We are very demanding and we create each time a production team that collaborate as much as possible with national or local vendors of the destination. AVFX was a pleasant surprise. You produce very high quality results that meet my expectations”.  ~Philippe B., Creative Director/Producer – Societe CVFC, Paris

Aegis Pan Best Thin

Client Requirements:

  • Immersive media environment floor to ceiling projection on 3 sides of the room (including behind the stage) with curved corners (projected image 220′ x 12′)
  • Multiple PIPs on any portion of the projection surface
  • Large stage allowing a dozen presenters on stage at once
  • Enable the dynamic interaction between the audience and the presenters on stage

Technical Director Challenges:

  • Very small ballroom required a front projection solution
  • Extremely low ceiling with chandeliers
  • Asymmetrically designed ballroom with the rigging points laid out correspondingly


  • Sound – Mix of small Meyers and Apogee cabinets. Lots of small cabinets and mini-arrays throughout room
  • Projection – Christies running brand videos throughout program and (4) pairs of Panasonic 12k’s playing synchronized 32:9 ultra-wide HD screens
  • Calibration – Projectionist spent hours blending mercury and xenon lamps
  • Projection Surfaces – Selected low-gain fabric that can be used to for both front and rear projection (ask us about a great scenic vendor)
  • Lighting – Green lighting LED gig with lots of special lights for columns, exhibits and anchor booths (this is a dead-hang only room

“Projects like this confirm that we can stage events that rival any firm in the country.” ~Steve Halling, AVFX President  

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