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Seamless Video Walls

High definition displays for every purpose

Audio visual image quality is everything to AVFX. We invest heavily in the latest HD LED lit displays with standard image resolutions at 1920 x 1080. Our displays are the clearest, sharpest screens in the industry. Please ask for a demo of our new Ultra High Definition (UHD) displays. The images are amazing.

AVFX Boston believes an image can only be as good as its source. That’s why we’ve invested in high quality, digital playback systems, along with the technology to route & distribute signals with minimal loss. We use miniature, self-contained media playback units to deliver plug and play set up speed. On the more complex side, we carry multi-source video systems that can play any number of media files while staying in perfect sync. When we distribute a signal to multiple displays, we utilize the latest in routing technologies, including fiber optics, to push maximum quality with minimal loss.

We have a bias for UHD

AVFX has clients who want precision and clarity. We strive to deliver the highest definition your media will supply. We provide displays for simple boardroom meetings, as well as exhibits, tradeshows and large custom configurations for meetings and events. Sizes range from the Unilumin UTV3.9 LED to the NEC 15” to the high resolution Philips 55” to the massive 90″ and everything in between. Whether you need a single display or a synchronized array of 30 screens, AVFX has the inventory and depth of experience to make these displays look their best.

NELCO video wall exhibit

Seamless Displays are not all the same.

AVFX has always been on the cutting edge of new and emerging A/V technology. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most flexible A/V staging technology to offer them full creative license to present exciting new content. This is where the Wow comes in.

As the first staging company in the U.S. to offer seamless plasma displays, AVFX has more experience with seamless than anyone. We constantly test, experiment and refine our techniques for rigging, setting, and pushing these systems to their limits. You may hear not to go larger than a 5×5 display – but not from us. We love the challenge.

Our standards of quality are maintained by some of the best technicians in the industry. We wrote the book on how to master sources to attain a superior looking image. We test compression and bit rates, and if needed, work with your editor to build source materials pixel by pixel. We collaborate with your production company to ensure there are no surprises. We strive for the best image possible.

Brighter, Sharper, Clearer

AVFX has invested in large 55” seamless displays that are bigger and brighter than almost anything on the market. These displays, combined with our proprietary framing and rigging system, make these walls extremely flexible and impressive. We’re now using these wonderfully bright and sharp displays to create Ultra High Definition (UHD) walls that can double or even triple the resolution of a typical screen. Images using this configuration are equal to those using digital cinema technologies in movie theaters. Please ask for a demo!

Special Configurations

Looking for an unconventional configuration of displays?  AVFX encourages it.Kaspersky LOW We feel strongly that unconventional screen layouts grab attention. To that end, we have engineered our own rigging hardware in order to provide more variations of seamless displays than anyone else. Want to hang a 3×6, no problem. Interested in hanging a strip of displays, like a 1×5?  We have that hardware, with many more configurations available.

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