Steve Halling, AVFX CEO talks about the hot event technologies corporate meeting planners should explore.

Event Technologies You Should Explore

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Steve Halling, President and CEO of AVFX, comments on some event technologies he thinks are important for meeting planners to explore.

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The most common question I get every year is what are the hot technologies that I should be paying attention to as a meeting planner. And I would say this year, there’s a couple of technologies I would advise people just looking into.

First is laser technology in terms of video projectors. As we’re moving away from incandescent lamps and projectors, we’re moving into laser projection, which gives a nice, clean field on the screen, they look good but very interesting, very cool. It doesn’t mean that incandescent projectors are outdated by any stretch of the imagination, but it is worth just looking at a side-by-side comparison to know what you’re buying.

The next thing is artificial intelligence or AI. I’m now seeing some of the new video cameras that are coming out that are AI-controlled. These things have come a long, long way in the last couple of years and are now able to actually anticipate speaker’s moves on a stage as they walk back and forth. And so it does a really, really good job. So certainly worth looking at that as well.

Third and certainly not the least of these technologies is AR or augmented reality. Really akin to projection mapping, but just use a slightly different way that brings some sort of artificial fact or message or graphic into a show site where the audience least expects it.

So I think any of these technologies are things that you should look at today. And if you have questions, you can always call us and talk to us about it too.

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