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Video Projection

Bright, crystal clear high-definition video and data images

Visual image quality is everything to AVFX. It’s only natural that we've invested heavily in the latest equipment. We stock a range of Barco projectors and various source technologies. To give your next program the highest quality appearance, we also stock many custom panoramic screens and have one of the largest inventories of 16:9 screens of various sizes in New England.

Aegis Media EventWe carry a large inventory of the industry’s finest projectors, brightest screens and highest standard production equipment to ensure the image on the screen always looks its best.

An image is only as good as its source. That’s why AVFX has invested in high quality studio cameras to offer powerful and flexible H/D mobile video production rigs for any project.

Whether you need video projection for a small meeting room, a large convention hall, or for multiple rooms spread across different time zones, AVFX has the video projection systems for you.

Intelligent Technology Decisions

AVFX knows where to invest in new A/V staging equipment. We bring the greatest value to our customers, while keeping prices reasonable. We recently purchased new projectors, mounting hardware, accessories and lenses that will allow more flexibility and creativity in how or where we mount projectors. The result of these investments allows improved flexibility in placement of our projectors in relation to the screens. In some cases, we are able to hide our projectors off-access from the screen and still produce astonishing results. In tradeshow environments, we repeatedly stage large screen front projection and maintain fabulous image quality even with ambient light all around.

Aegis Pan Best Thin

Panoramic & Special Format Screens

AVFX often works in ultra wide-screen, formats as wide as 300 feet, and many that use 1.5x the normal H/D screen width. Our projectors, enable video edge blending to produce bright seamless video and graphic images. We also work with many special effects like projection mapping, spherical screens, live picture-in-picture (PIP) or matrixed video. We love a challenging assignment.

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